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Apple Store layout is (nearly) a trademark


Apple’s reputation for the streamlined, minimalist design of its products is well known. Unsurprisingly, the company goes to extremes to protect them. But Apple now wants to protect the layout of its own stores.


Validation of European bundle patents in North Africa: soon possible in Morocco and Tunisia


This week the European Patent Office (EPO) announced that it had reached agreement with the North African country Tunisia on validating European patents in Tunisia. The agreement signed for this purpose will come into effect following its ratification.


Accelerated prosecution following third party observations for European patent applications


As from 1 July 2014 the European Patent Office (EPO) has announced that it will ex officio accelerate prosecution for an application as soon as a non-anonymous and substantiated third party observation has been filed.


Benoît Battistelli re-elected as President of the EPO


On 26 June 2014, Mr. Batistelli has been re-elected as President of the European Patent Office (EPO) for another term of 3 years.

Mr. Batistelli was re-elected by a majority of the 38 member states of the European Patent Convention for another term of three years to 2018.


World Cup 2014®: FIFA® acts to protect FIFA® trademarks and sponsors


The World Cup started one and a half weeks ago. Following the brilliant performances of the Dutch team, orange fever continues to spread. Symptoms of this fever include a constant hankering for fast food and beer, the need to buy new television sets and the obsessive wearing of orange clothes and other paraphernalia. So orange fever is good for business. But benefitting from the World Cup is not easy.


Online filing of the demand under PCT Chapter II, now available at the European Patent Office


The European Patent Office (EPO) has announced the possibility of electronically filing documents relating to the ‘demand’ (also known as ‘Chapter II of the PCT’) in the international phase of a(n international) PCT-application.


NLO highly recommended in IAM World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2014


The IAM Patent 1000 2014: The World’s Leading Patent Professionals identifies the top patent practitioners in key jurisdictions around the globe.


NLO: office closures in May and June 2014


Please be informed that the following public holidays will take place in May  and in June.



Danish people vote in favour of Unified Patent Court


On Sunday 25 May 2014, the Danish people have voted in a referendum in favour of a proposal to join in the Agreement on the Unified Patent Court. A solid majority of 60.5% voted in favour of the Agreement, whereas 36.2% voted against. The total count of participation was 55.8%.


Court The Hague grants an injuction to MSD for infringement by Mylan


EP 724.444 B1 protects the application of the drug finasteride for the treatment of androgenic alopecia. The symptoms of androgenic alopecia include hair loss in patches usually in circular patterns. Both male and female individuals may suffer from this affection. EP 724.444 B1 expires in October 2014.


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