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Striking the balance between patent assertion entities and SMEs


This article was published in IAM's Patents in Europe 2015/2016

With the issuance of the first unitary patents and concurrent establishment of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) just around the corner, concerns have emerged regarding the ease with which patent assertion entities (PAEs) might exert undue influence over the European market. Frequently referred to as ‘trolls’, they are a phenomenon which has until now been primarily associated with US enforcement proceedings.


Unified Patent Court Mock trial


The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is not yet operational, so how can patent professionals gain experience with the new system and be prepared when the UPC becomes effective? French organizations with an interest in patents and future users of the UPC have joined forces and set up UJUB: Union pour la Jurisdiction Unifiée du Brevet. Recently they organized a mock trial as an educational experiment to experience how the UPC agreement and regulations would work out in practice.



Clarity in opposition: a decision in G3/14


On 24 March 2015 the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBoA) of the European Patent Office (EPO) has distributed its decision on the referred questions in T373/12 concerning the examination of clarity of amended claims in opposition and the interpretation of Article 101(3) EPC.


Claims on plants obtained by essentially biological processes not excluded from patentability


Decision in the consolidated proceedings of G2/13 (Broccoli) and G2/12 (Tomato)


Good news for plant biotech industry: on March 25th, the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EBoA) has decided in the consolidated proceedings of the “Broccoli” (T83/05) and “Tomato” (T 1242/06) case in favor of patentability of claims on a novel plant product that is generated by an essentially biological process or a product-by-process claim defined in terms of such a process.



We've moved! Welcome to our new offices.


NLO and NLO Shieldmark’s head office have relocated from the building on Jan Willem Frisolaan in The Hague. As of 23rd March, we are accommodated on two fabulous floors of New Babylon City Offices - an impressive building in the centre of The Hague, next to The Hague Central Station and the Utrechtsebaan, with easy access to the A4 and A12 motorways.


NLO wins Award 'Dutch Prosecution Firm of the Year 2015'


NLO is proud to have been voted ‘Dutch Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year 2015’ by the highly respected Managing IP magazine.



René van Duijvenbode wins Client Choice Award 2015 ‘Patents- the Netherlands’


NLO’s European and Dutch patent attorney René van Duijvenbode has been awarded the International Law Office (ILO) and Lexology 2015 Client Choice Award for Intellectual Property – Patents (The Netherlands).


NLO welcomes five new advisors


NLO has recently welcomed five new talented advisors to the team: Niels Zelders (Dutch and European patent attorney), Stijn van Dongen, Fei Pei, Bart Postmus and Glenn Vinck (all trainee patent attorneys).  


Morocco becomes an EPC “extension state”


On 1 March 2015, Morocco will become an EPC “extension state”.


Tier 1 ranking NLO in the Managing IP Survey 2015


Managing IP has published the first part of its annual IP Stars survey, covering the top-rated firms for patent work. Once again NLO has been rewarded a Tier 1 ranking in the field of patent prosecution in The Netherlands.


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