NLO Shieldmark: trademarks

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a sign which distinguishes the goods and/or services of your company from those of another company. A trademark will allow you to stand out, and at the same time show the origin of a good or service.

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Availability search

An availability search is a search into prior identical and similar trademark applications as well as trademark registrations. We strongly advise you to make a search into the availability of your trademark. It is important that you do so before registering or using the trademark.

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Registering your trademark will allow you to appeal to the protective effect of a trademark. You may invoke your trademark right if a third party is using, applying for or registering a trademark that is identical or almost identical to your trademark.

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If a third party has filed a trademark which is confusingly similar to your registered trademark, you may file an opposition against this application. You can instruct your trademark attorney to file the opposition within two months from the publication date of the new filing.

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Infringement advice

You have ascertained that a person is infringing your trademark rights. What can you do? You may object to infringement in several ways, obviously this will depend on how your trademark has been infringed.

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